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What is a Medicare Supplement Insurance?

The world of Medicare can be a bit confusing, but a few basics can help you make wise decisions for your medical expense needs. Medicare Supplement, also known as Medigap, is a health insurance plan that is sold by private insurance companies to help cover expenses or “gaps” left by Original Medicare coverage. These plans are designed to pay your personal share of the medical expenses not paid by Medicare, including coinsurance, copay, and deductibles. When medical bills mount up, the copay portion can become a burden for many Medicare patients.

How Medicare Supplement Works

If you are enrolled in the government’s Original Medicare program, the basics of your doctor and hospital bills are covered and paid for by Medicare. However, you are required to share in the costs, as the government does not completely subsidize your medical expenses. Each Medicare recipient has a certain amount of allowable expenses based on his or her income. When larger expenses are incurred, the recipient is required to cover the remainder. When a major surgical procedure brings in bills over $100,000, for example, the patient could still be left with over $15,000 to pay himself. A Medicare Supplement plan is designed to cover those costs.

Medicare Supplement That Works for You

With the cost of medical care today the burden left to Original Medicare recipients can be staggering. The right Medicare Supplement can relieve the financial risk of unexpected medical expense. We offer excellent Medicare Supplement choices to protect your finances. And while your medical insurance is ultimately your choice, we are ready to provide complete consulting services to help you determine the best course for your personal insurance needs.

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